My females





       Bianka is a very special girl for me she is  Arielle's daughter she is full of joy ,beautifull,and very attach to her family . 

D.M : Clear not carrying the mutation


VWd: clear by parentage

Hips:Excellent OFA

Eyes: Normal


GM2: Clear


Progressive retinal atropgy: Clear

VWD II: Clear



my beautifull apricot girl parti factor she is born at our house she is the daughter of Charlie and Cooper ,she is petite calm very smart  

VWD Type I:Clear by parentage


 N.E :CLear by parentage


 D.M : Clear by parentage

GM2 :Clear

Osteochondrodysplasia: Clear

Progressive retinal atrophy: Clear

VWD II : Clear

Coeur: Normal

Hanches:prélim Good


 Fergie my blue girl parti factor her dad is silver and white and her mom a pure white she is a small girl who love to play 

Fergie is living with my friend Roxanne 

Vwd Type 1 :Clear 

N.E : Carrier 

Hips :OFA Good 

Heart: Normal

Eyes: Normal

D.M: Clear and not carrying the mutation